About Us

About us


In Lady Pipa we make party clothing for you to feel as true to yourself as any other day but much preattier. That's why we run away from overloaded designs and we have our goal always in mind: to get the best version of yourself. For us, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


We are all consumers and we all know how exhausting it is to talk with machines that send you from one department to another, without anyone solving your problems. That is why we are committed to always giving you a solution and taking charge of what we have done wrong.


We know that our Lady Pipas are for special occasions. That's why we pay attention to each detail. From improving the patterns until they fit every kind of women to looking for fabrics with a beautiful fall and consistency that make you feel good.


We design, produce and ship our products from Madrid, Spain. We love to control closely the quality of the clothes and knowing that the people making them work in fair conditions.


Jourdan Miller
Sara Gonzalez

Founder of Lady Pipa

I am Sara Gonzalez, founder of Lady Pipa. It all started in October 2013 when I enrolled some sewing lessons. This year I was invited to some weddings and couldn’t find anything affordable that I really liked. So I made my own dresses together with my teacher and people loved them. This was the beginning of the idea. I launched Lady Pipa a year later with the mission to make dresses for you to feel comfortable and true to yourself as any other day but much prettier.