Friday 11 August 2017 at 1 a.m. in Mum's, a cool restaurant in Sagres (Portugal), after drinking some glasses of vinho verde (if you have never tried, please don't forget the next time you visit Portugal :)). 

"Today at the beach I just finished the book of Nacho Dean. He went around the world walking alone because it was his dream. It made me think about what is my dream and I think I know it is to dress people in special occasions of their life" I told my boyfriend Anton.

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It all started in October 2013 when I enrolled some sewing classes.

When I was young I was so tiny that I always had to make my cloths smaller for them to fit. I thik this may be the reason why I always had liked to sew and wanted to learn more to make some things by myself. So I googled it and I found the contact details of Amparo, a pattern maker and sewer who had her atelier in a quite remote neighborhood of Madrid (Spain). I went there every Saturday morning during few months to learn. I loved to be there, the hours went by so fast!

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When I was young I took violin lessons for many years. When I had to go to these classes with the violin in my back I used to carefully check the subway car to make sure that there was no one that knew me there. Like if I was carrying a corpse in my violin's case.

Now looking behind I am so surprised. Playing the violin should have been something to be proud of and however I was terrifies that people would recognize me with the violin case in my back.

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