When I was young I took violin lessons for many years. When I had to go to these classes with the violin in my back I used to carefully check the subway car to make sure that there was no one that knew me there. Like if I was carrying a corpse in my violin's case.

Now looking behind I am so surprised. Playing the violin should have been something to be proud of and however I was terrifies that people would recognize me with the violin case in my back.

First: people will laugh at me

Many of you may be wondering why I was so stupid, haha (I understand). I was afraid of people laughing at me for playing the violin. Stupid, I know.

But this fear of people laughing at me still appears any time I am doing anything kind of different to others, out of the ordinary.

But if you think about it... people that laugh at you is not the people that matters: your family will still love you, yout friends won't kick you off from the whatsapp group, and the doorman won't stop saying hello every morning.

And if someone laugh, what happens? Nothing!

Second: Someone else has already done this before (and better) 

Second fear: someone else has already done this before. Yes, almost everything is already invented. As Twyla Tharp says in her book "The creative habit", nothing is completely unique. Nobody is completely original. Not even Homero or Shakespeare...definitely not you. Accept it.

twyla tharp

When I first started with Lady Pipa there were already lots of brands of wedding dresses. But I don't think this is a reason to stay at home doing nothing. Lady Pipa has something different to offer. We want to make party dresses which are simple and sophisticated for you to feel as true to yourself as any other day but much prettier.

Third: I don't know how to do it

ni idea

In my case, I had never studied anything related to fashion and had no network in the fashion industry. What worked for me (and still works nowadays) is the following:

  • Search, search and research in the Internet.
  • Read books about the topics I want to know about. 
  • Ask everybody my doubts, you never know who can give you the contact details of womeone whi can help you. 

Something that I get asked about very frequently is how I find people provinding the services I need (pattern makers, aterliers, fabrics, courier, packaging...). I ask everyone that I think may have any connection with the specific service that I need.

For example, if you need pattern makers but you only know a fabric store in your neighborghood, go to this store, talk to the guy and ask him. It is likely that he will give you some information. My suggestion is to always contact at least three different people to compare pricing, delivery, etc.

Forth: Failure

What if nobody likes my cloths and I never sell anything to anyone? Actually this won't never happen. If I love my cloths there must be someone else out there that likes them. You only need to reach this people.

Anyway, we are not talking about building Notre Dame in Paris. If you try and it doesn't work, you will try next time in a different way.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start” Stephen King

I am jaguar paw and this is my forest

Fear paralyze us and we make mistakes. I know that they will be there forever. I just want to identify them and try to leave them behind to continue the journey of Lady Pipa.

I love this scene from the Apocalypto movie. The main character has been running from his enemies for days and making tons of mistakes because he is paralized because of his fears. Suddenly he realizes... this is his home, he knows this forest better than anyone else and he can take advantage of that to survive. We have to do the same: be clear about who we are, what our strengths are and to take advantage of this strengths fearless.