Friday 11 August 2017 at 1 a.m. in Mum's, a cool restaurant in Sagres (Portugal), after drinking some glasses of vinho verde (if you have never tried, please don't forget the next time you visit Portugal :)). 

"Today at the beach I just finished the book of Nacho Dean. He went around the world walking alone because it was his dream. It made me think about what is my dream and I think I know it is to dress people in special occasions of their life" I told my boyfriend Anton.

"Are you thinking about restarting Lady Pipa again? Last time you had to quit because it was impossible to combine it with your job. If you don't commit 100% of your time it is very likely that will happen the same..." - Anton answered me.

"Yeah, you are right... I will restart and after the first season I will leave everything behind and jump to the deep, I swear!" - cheering up in one of these moments of exaltation during the night.

"Haha ok but tomorrow don't forget about it!" - said Anton sceptical.

The night came to an end and this chat was forgotten as many others...

El libro "Libre y salvaje" de Nacho Dean. Os lo recomiendo muchísimo.
The book I mentioned before. 

Sunday 20 August I was unpacking in our home in Madrid. When I saw the book I smiled remembering the conversation but I didn't give it a second thought. And when I was about to leave it in the shelf, I listened a voice inside me (well I guess it was not a voice exactly, I might just thought about it). 

"Follow yout heart"

It has always said that drunk people say the truth, but I think that it is because when you are tipsy everything comes from your heart. 

I think that when in doubt between your reason and your heart, you have to follow yout heart. And it is not just me, Steve Jobs used to say the same.

You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you will have to trust the dots will connect somehow in the future.  - minute 5:00, Steve Jobs

To become an entrepreneur is sacrifice

To become an entrepreneur means to live some years the way no one wants to live: the worries will chase you all the time, things are so unpredictable and of course you earn way less money!

In my case the decision was very hard because I had a desirable job and a apparently promising career as a lawyer in one of the best law firms in the world. And I say "desirable" and "apparently" because I am talking about the perception that others might have of my life, not my own perception.

Apart from that, I was happy at my job. In fact I liked it and I had very nice teammates that made it even fun. But I always had the feeling that this was not what my thing.

Comiendo con algunos compis un viernes.
Having lunch with some of my colleagues.

Butterfly effect

I don't know if you have watched the movie "Butterfly effect". I was so shocked when I watched it. The main character has the ability to travel to the past and change his decisions and the movie shows you how his life would have developed in ways radically different depending on the decisions that he made in the past.

Watching the movie you become even more aware that the decisions that we make everyday, the way we live our lifes will have an amazing impact in the future. The fact of staying at my job was also a decision and it was something I wasn't proud of.

You have to work full time in your project

If you want something to become succesful you need to pay attention to details, where you can make a real difference; and you can't pay attention to these details sharing your time.

With Lady Pipa I spent 4 years sharing my time, but now I am 100% commited with the project and I am noticing that... now yes!... we are heading in the right direction. Emails complaining about mistakes have stopped and we have started to receive emails from happy customers.

The last step: I moved to NYC!

Diciembre de 2017 en el puente de Brooklyn. Aún no me imaginaba que en medio año estaría viviendo en NYC
December 2017 in the Brooklyn bridge.
I could not imagine that in less than a
year I would be living in NYC.

Some months ago, my boyfriend Anton was offered to move to New York. Wow, living in NYC is such an opportunity. That was the boost I needed, I finally had to make a decision: stay in my comfort zone and reject the oportunity of living in NYC or be brave and finally take the step. 

Of course I will need to spend long periods in Madrid to get the collections ready and supervise the aterliers sewing our cloths. But I will spend the rest of my time in NYC and I will work towards expanding the business to the US.